We work to ensure that every bathroom is a serene, functional part of your home. Like kitchens, the remodeling of the bathroom involves three main ingredients: 1) the selection and installation of the cabinetry; 2) the selection and installation of the countertops, tile, and plumbing fixtures; and 3) the construction process in general. To coordinate it all is an experienced construction team – that’s Skolfield Homes.

Our Process

The first step to your new bathroom is, often, the taking down of plaster or drywall in the ceiling and walls. While this isn’t always the case, it is usually beneficial for several key reasons:

  • Removing the drywall or plaster allows us to expose wall cavities for inspection and improvement on any existing electrical or plumbing.
  • We can check to ensure that there is no food source for any wood-destroying creatures or other pests.
  • We can apply pest-control products inside the wall cavities, if necessary.
  • Any walls that are not perfectly flat can be corrected.
  • By removing the drywall or plaster, we can more easily locate and use all electrical or cable wires in accordance with the renovation drawings approved by the client. 
  • We will have the ability to install lighting and/or plumbing fixtures in the arrangement that exactly match the renovation you desire!

Next, with the help of our team or your own decorator, you can choose the various parts of your new bathroom – the flooring, appliances, cabinetry, countertops, sink and plumbing fixtures, molding choices, paint choices, switch covers, lighting fixtures, and more.

We have long-running relationships with many suppliers, and are happy to recommend them to you as you craft your dream bathroom. We can also work with new manufacturers or those you have a relationship with, or provide the items ourselves.