Our Approach

We at Skolfield Homes pride ourselves on providing high-quality craftsmen to perform your work. These individuals are not subcontractors, as is common practice today, but are employees who are career carpenters who have found a home on our team. Our skilled carpenters typically have 15 to 20 years experience, but continue to develop their skills with us on a daily basis. They are regularly trained and mentored, not only in carpentry and construction, but also in the value of customer service and the careful treatment of our clients’ homes. We spare no expense in ensuring that at the end of the project our quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and focus on you, the customer, have been the best possible.

When the first call comes into our office, it is routed to John Skolfield or Anthony Rizzo. This starts with a telephone consultation to determine the needs of the client. At that point, a meeting is set up at the client’s home to discuss exactly what they would like accomplished. Following this, John or Anthony will then provide a rough estimate of what the cost will be. If this estimate is in line with the budget anticipated by the client, we can proceed to a more detailed, fixed-priced proposal. Depending on the complexity of the project and how much preliminary work is needed there is sometimes a fee for this.

If Skolfield Homes is engaged to perform the work outlined in the proposal we’ll sign a contract, receive the first draw or minimal deposit (when applicable), process the permit application, and schedule the work. The period between signing a contract and starting the work is a critical time. During this time, a pre-construction meeting is scheduled so that a variety of items can be discussed between the client, the partners of Skolfield Homes, and our production team. These items include characteristics specific to the project, areas of special attention, a review of the proposed schedule, and familiarization of the superintendent with the owner and their day-to-day schedule.

Finally, during this pre-construction period, all client selections will be confirmed. This will allow the reconciling of allowances early on in the project as well as ordering any items that may have a long lead time. From this point to the end of the project, the superintendent and/or managing partners of Skolfield Homes will keep the client abreast of any and all pertinent issues related to the project.