Our Team

Our Team

The Skolfield Homes team brings together a wide variety of skill sets and experiences – but what we all have in common is a passion for serving our community through quality-crafted spaces and customer service. 


John Skolfield

John T. Skolfield III, a Winter Park native, was first immersed in the world of residential construction at age 17 – and for the next 27 years, a tool belt rarely left his waist. In the 1980s and 1990s, John bought, renovated, and sold about 50 houses long before there was a reality show called “Flip That House.”

In 1998 John married Joanna Henkel whose great-grandfather was building on Park Avenue when it was little more than a dirt trail and a Citrus Packing House. John and Joanna both live within a few blocks of their office and their childhood homes. They have two wonderful daughters and still make an annual pilgrimage to Maine, where John’s family lived for six generations before his father decided to move his family, business and future to the heart of Winter Park.

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1979 – but soon moved to and grew up in Winter Park, a significant location for his family. His grandfather had operated Adams Upholstery here from 1954 through 1980, and later reopened under the name Rizzo & Sons Upholstery.

Anthony grew up watching his father and uncle build beautiful custom homes. His inquisitive nature led him to meet John Skolfield one afternoon as John was working on a rental property next door to Anthony’s home on Walker Avenue. That meeting turned into a lifelong friendship, and later full 50 percent ownership of Skolfield Homes, LLC with John.

In 2003, Anthony married Melinda Mathews, a fourth-generation Floridian with deep roots in both Winter Park and College Park. The birth of their daughter, Samantha, in 2005 served as point of inspiration for Anthony, helping him refocus his energy on Skolfield Homes to ensure its long-term success.

As a co-owner of Skolfield Homes, LLC, Anthony holds his state-certified building contractors license, certified general contractors license, and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science/Growth Management from Rollins College. His extensive experience in the construction industry includes building over 20 custom homes, and extends to a knowledge of condo renovations, old and historic home renovations, and progressive “green building” practices. He is dedicated to his family and his company’s vision of renovations and relationships that last a lifetime.

Troy Gualandi

Troy Gualandi relocated to Central Florida from Illinois in 2004, after spending 10 years in the Marine Corps, 6 Years working in the structured wiring business and 5 years as an Emergency Medical Technician.

He joined the Skolfield team that year as an apprentice carpenter. After working on numerous projects at Skolfield Homes, he was promoted to Project Estimator in 2005, evolving into his current position as General Manager. A gifted communicator, Troy prides himself on integrity, productivity, effective client interaction, and client satisfaction. He is your go-to person for solving tricky problems. The impressive relationships and respect he’s earned from the various building departments helps permit processing proceed with minimal complications – leading to a smoother construction project for all.

Gina Zimmerman

Originally from Niagara Falls, New York, Gina joined the Skolfield team in September of 2005 as an assistant office manager, after experience at both a real estate magazine and Equifax. She was promoted to Office Manager in August 2006 and has since become an integral part of the day-to-day business operations of Skolfield Homes, as well as overseeing all office activities. Where careful tracking of numerous accounting details are needed, Gina has proven for over a decade to handle these tasks thoroughly and pleasantly, with astute attention to detail.

Mike Cox

Mike Cox was born in Winter Park and has lived in Orlando all his life. He started in the construction business with his father as a young man, working weekends and summers learning the art of plaster and stucco work.

As a proud fourth-generation plasterer, Mike started working with Miller Plastering, Inc. in 1994 and worked there on many large commercial projects. In 2000, he took a job with AK Holcomb Construction as a Project Manager at Sea World.

Mike supervised many types of projects at Sea World until 2001 when he decided to start his own stucco/plastering business, Cox Plastering, Inc. After running a very successful business for 14 years, Skolfield Homes was fortunate to have him join the Skolfield Homes team in October 2014. Mike comes with a great ability to communicate and address concerns in an even-tempered manor, and has an intimate understanding of the craftsman mindset. Mike has a wonderful wife, Tina, and four great kids.

Joanna Skolfield

Joanna Skolfield was born in Winter Park,  grew up and lives a short distance from  the office.  Her great grandfather, Dr. Thomas Henkel, was the first doctor in Winter Park back in the primitive days of this sleepy little citrus town. Joanna received her degree in Journalism from the University of Florida, subsequently managing a News station in Savanah GA. In 1998 she married John Skolfield having two wonderful girls, Tess and Ella.   After over a decade of  managing the household and guiding the girls growth and education she joined our construction team.  She cut her teeth on the less glamorous tasks of tracking down material and even driving dump trailers.  Not your typical sight at the Orange county landfill but valuable experience nonetheless.

In 2015 the management team decided she belonged less at Home Depot and the landfill and more in managing jobs, not unlike a news station or a family.  Since then she’s unequivocally progressed and honed her talents on her own merits.  She brings a willingness to be humble on the technical knowledge side, endearing herself to the craftsmen who generously share their knowledge with her.  In just three years she’s managed over a great deal of projects from $2k to $500k with consistently happy customers. Indispensable traits  for a construction manager are planning, communication and scheduling. Joanna excels at this.

Terry Winnett

Terry Winnett relocated to Florida in 2018 from California. He joined the Skolfield team in February 2019. He brings over 30 years experience in accounting and management to the Skolfield team. His forte is streamlining and advancing the accounting processes for companies, including vendor processes, and customer processes. In addition to managing business finances, he has had successful entrepreneurial endeavors. These endeavors included a nationwide events management company, small winery and independent consulting activities. His background covers the hospitality industry, high tech industry, medical clinics, and construction.

Scott Hultin

A third generation Floridian, Scott was born and grew up right here in College Park.  Back in the day he and the entire little league  baseball team were selected to be in the blockbuster movie Parenthood, filmed right here in Orlando. At an early age, he learned the value of teamwork and the kind of effort and dedication needed to be successful through team sports.  Scott had a knack for building, in part from growing up in and around construction.  In the 50s and 60s, Scott’s great grandfather (Erik Hultin) & grandfather (John E. Hultin) were brick and block masons in Central Florida who built several structures that still stand today including St. Charles Catholic School.

At the age of 24, Scott decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to New England to pursue a great opportunity. In 2003, he started a distributorship and provided $3m in installation services of quartz and granite counter tops. Albeit rather short, Scott had a successful run and in 2007 he had to shut it down due to the recession.  He decided to move back to Central Florida and settle in Altamonte Springs. After moving back to Florida, Scott became interested in space planning and design and worked locally as a Kitchen & Bath Designer. His knowledge and expertise on the technical side informed his approach of staying ahead of issues. In 2018, Scott joined Skolfield Homes as a project manager/superintendent. He brings over 15 years of experience in kitchen & bath remodeling.

Scott is a dedicated husband and father to his amazing wife Emily and there young son Hudson.  Together they enjoy the outdoors and frequently take day trips to the beach and some of Florida’s other wonderful natural amenities.