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Few endeavors are as intrusive as extensive renovations while one is living in their home.  Our best advise is to hire a company that specializes in this and has their own in-house craftsman as employees, not sub-contractors. The skills involved in gutting and renovating a second-floor bathroom on a 1920s house, for example, when the only means of access is through finished living space are skills that your typical homebuilder just does not have in his toolbox.

Renovations are often complex in nature and cover multiple areas of the home or even the entire home.  Typically, the homeowner will move out of the house during a comprehensive renovation due to the extent of work being performed.  In smaller renovations, we are able to cordon off areas of the house for the owner to live in during the process.  However, this is only advisable when there is a clearly delineated area where a temporary wall can be constructed to secure the living area from the construction area and we can guarantee that the utility services will not be interrupted.  From zip walls to dust mitigation techniques, from plywood barricades around plants to using our rubber tired tandem-axle trailers in lieu of dropping a steel dumpster on your driveway.  we do renovations and additions, not new home building.  It's different.