Skolfield Homes

Pointers & Advice

  • Skolfield Homes is your full-service Remodeler.  We're able to do any type of project on your home from the smallest maintenance task to the largest addition or renovation.  And we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

  • Provide your contractor with pictures of the look that you are trying to achieve.  This can be accomplished by clipping pictures from magazines or using the Internet.  Make use of the images tab in the Google search window.  This can be tremendously beneficial to both the client and the contractor.  If you always wanted to have a stained and varnished mahogany front door, for example, simply search images in Google for stained and varnished mahogany front doors.  Scroll through the hundreds of images available to you.  Then simply print out the ones that best represent the vision that you have in mind.
  • Make your selections for plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor coverings, cabinets, paint colors, etc. as early in the process as possible.  It benefits everyone involved to have these selections made earlier than later.
  • Develop a good relationship with the superintendent and the craftsmen on your job.  These individuals work very hard and take a great deal of pride in their work.  Acknowledging this or expressing appreciation usually goes a long way toward motivating them and helping them to keep up an excellent work attitude.
  • Recognize that finish paint work can be accomplished in varying levels of quality.  There is the super quick type that is typical in low-end track housing.  A more intermediate level would be one in which the painter spends more time prepping and typically involves a coat of primer and a coat of finish.  At a higher quality level there will be a good deal of prep work that includes two coats of primer with a light sanding between each coat, and two coats of finish paint.  At the very top end of the spectrum, you should expect the prep work to take two the three times longer than the application of the finish paint and you should expect every trim surface to feel smooth to the touch.  With this level of quality, you can expect the cost to be three to four times that of the basic level of quality due to the amount of labor required. Obviously, this level of finish is not reasonable in most applications; thus, a clear articulation of the level of quality that is expected will be beneficial to all parties.
  • Familiarize yourself with the process for verifying the legitimacy of any contractor you may consider hiring.  The following links should connect you to a search page: Licensee Search or Search License by Name.  There you can search any contractor's name to determine the current status of their license.  This is critical for anyone who is considering doing any work on their home, as hiring an unlicensed contractor can expose you and your family to enormous liability.
  • Recognize the value of having workers on your job who are fully insured with worker’s compensation insurance. Without this insurance a worker injured on your project has the ability to sue you and your homeowner’s insurance company for his medical bills and lost income due to the injury.  There is no substitute for this valuable insurance.  You can verify whether or not a company has worker’s compensation insurance or an exemption for the officers of the company at the website below.  Under Florida law, the only way for a person to have a worker’s compensation exemption is that they must be incorporated and be at least a 10% owner of the company.  This is extended to at most 4 owners.
  • Question any company you are considering hiring about their management process.  Residential renovation companies are unique in that often the business owners are craftsmen at heart, but only businessmen out of necessity.  If you inquire about things like the management hierarchy, bookkeeping and invoicing practices, and their project management approach, you will get some insight into whether or not a particular company has embraced professional management techniques.  Find out if there will be a second person who you can talk to in the event that the primary is out or if there is an issue that needs another set of eyes and ears.
  • Ultimately, the craftsmen doing the work on your home are of critical importance.  We retain a high-caliber group of employees by treating them  well and offering them a benefits package that speaks of our care and appreciation for them.
  • Preliminary budgets are critical and a necessary early ingredient in the process.  We have sufficient experience to guide you in this process.