Skolfield Homes


We provide consulting services, counsel, and advice by the hour.  Residential construction sometimes goes south.  Our expertise comes from decades in the business, $30M of remodeling experience, making,----and fixing countless mistakes, all the while learning. We bring this to bear, objectively and unbiasedly, on your situation.   

John Skolfield and Anthony Rizzo see and understand a great deal in this field.  We're happy to help in a variety of ways, all intended to solve problems and provided un-biased guidance moving your project or conflict to resolution and completion.   For general consulting our fee is $200 per hour with our  focus on rapid and successful resolution. 

The foundation of any construction is the executed agreement.  Starting with this review and often with a one on one meeting with your contractor we can start creating a  roadmap to get your home done.

Consulting Services that include:

  • A deep bench of knowledge: John Skolfield with almost 40 years in remodeling, not building new homes, just fixing the broken ones.

  • Partner and co-owner Anthony Rizzo has 25 years of experience and tremendous technical knowledge

  • Over $30M in remodeling and additions, so much experience under our belt that we know what works and what fails and why.

  • Long history in Winter Park, born here in 1960, dug in, not going anywhere. 

  • Clear, responsive, service oriented communication

    Conflict resolution:  When there is a conflict between an owner and their contractor on an ongoing job often an agreeable resolution can be achieved.  We take the time to hear and understand the positions of both parties then review everything including the contract and come up with a road map.  We infuse your particular situation with a comprehensive understanding of the contract, construction norms, product quality, and product installation.

    Pre-purchase review:  If you’re buying a home with a list of projects, the total cost of these projects often plays into what you’re willing to offer.  Although no substitute for a home inspection a report as to the likely cost of anticipated improvements can be helpful

    Expert witness work: Our expertise is focused exclusively on single family residential construction.   We can provide support in conflicts reaching litigation that demand expert witness assistance in any capacity from discovery through deposition into trial as necessary.

    Home addition feasibility analysis: When considering an addition there are many limitations by the Building Department.  Some of these are FAR (floor area ratio); impervious surface allowances; height limitations; front, side, and rear setbacks; rain water retention, et cetera.  Another factor that can inform the feasibility of a given project is the cost.  With this service we will not only review the aforementioned building department limitations, we will also outline the probable costs and guide you to a design professional should you desire.  

    Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Analysis: Although we are not design professionals we do however, have over one hundred bathroom and kitchen renovations completed.  With this experience we can create a basic computer design and guide you through the various components e.g. cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures, flooring, and the construction.  This will include a comprehensive fixed price proposal from us for the work.  Should you select us to do the work you’ll be credited the full Design and Analysis fee.


Conflicts in construction are often the result of poor communication and a failure to clarify, set expectations.  Formal arbitration and/or litigation are tools available to get to resolution.  These are expensive tools. 


There’s a wise order of events when considering a major renovation or addition: Feasibility and rough estimate, professional design, and the construction contract.  When one bypasses the first step there is the risk that several months into professional design with dollars spent you end up with a wonderful design --------- 50% above budget, back to the drawing board. 


Water intrusion leads to many problems.  Identifying the leak in order for a repair to be executed properly is the first order of business.  There are a number of approaches to finding a leak.  Generally this involves a moisture meter, garden hose, several food coloring dyes two technicians and a great deal of experience.  


In cases of litigation or formal arbitration we can provide expert witness services.  Our experience is primarily in single family residential construction.