Skolfield Homes


There’s a wise order of events when considering a major renovation or addition: feasibility and rough estimate, professional design, and the construction contract.  When one bypasses the first step there is the risk that several months into professional design with dollars spent you end up with a wonderful design --------- 50% above budget, back to the drawing board.  This scenario plays out way too often.  We can help by first determining the feasibility and general design concepts possible, then confirm the concept is within the parameters of set-backs, floor area ratio, impervious surface requirements, etc., and then provide the range of likely overall cost.   Architects and Designers can provide estimated costs but generally with far less understanding of the real numbers that a qualified contractor can provide. Our fee for this service which includes a site visit, review of the conditions and an assessment clearly articulated on our letterhead is project specific but usually $325.00.