Consulting – Cost Estimate

When you think "dream space," you might think of all the fixtures and decor styles you want. But don't forget about cost along the way! Major renovation processes call for a multi-step process of 1) feasibility and rough estimate, 2) professional design, and 3) construction contract. If you skip that first step, you may embark upon the professional design process that's 50 percent above budget - forcing you to head back to the drawing board. 

You can avoid the mix-up by working with Skolfield to determine the feasibility and general design concepts possible with your project. We will check the parameters of setbacks, floor-area ration, impervious surface requirements, etc. in order to achieve a range of overall cost.

While architects and designers can provide estimated costs, they generally have far less understanding of the real numbers that a qualified contractor can provide. Our fee for this service, which includes a site visit, review of the conditions and an assessment clearly articulated on our letterhead, is project-specific but usually $325.00.

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